Happiness Guarantee

“One day, we shall meet again when we are in our mid 30s. I shall come driving in my latest dark green Jaguar and you will come in a silver…..”

“BMW Z series!” Raam completed it for Soumesh.

That was in 1999, when the two friends were excitedly chatting into the late evening about their plans for their future. There was no detail of how to produce the copious amounts of wealth though. They had received their BBA degrees that afternoon, successfully completed with distinction after three years. Both young men were heirs to family businesses, small yet flourishing. It rested on their delicate shoulders to carry the burden and come out with flying colours. There was a mutual unspoken feeling among them that this would be the last time they would see each other and if and when they did see each other, it would have to be in the grand manner of their respective modern chariots.

** *

The air conditioning of the car was ineffective. There patches of sweat on his shirt just above the stomach that remained despite the fact that he wore a baniyan. The sun’s rays seem to converge on him through the windshield, burning him like the ant that was the victim of the curious, sadistic child’s microscope. A bead of sweat dripped down his nose from his forehead.

‘Bloody Global Warming’ he said to himself.

He finally reached his fully air conditioned office.

He banged the door of the car shut. A little of bit frustration but not large enough that it showed. The talk with his friend in 1999 just flashed in his mind when he shut the door. A wry smile appeared on his face as he walked into the building. His car certainly wasn’t the Jaguar he thought he would have by now. At least he owned one of the horses (working mule rather) from the stable of the company that bought Jaguar. Now who would have ever thought of that?


Qutb Minar

I did this pen sketch some time in 2004 of the Qutb Minar. I did not capture the engravings on the tower due to ‘time constraints’.

Minaret amongst the ruins of the Red Citadel

The first time I saw the tower, it seemed like a pillar of serenity oblivious of the bustling crowds of Delhi.

Why I chose ‘Somewhere in the Middle’

I changed the title of my blog 2 or 3 times before I settled on ‘Somewhere in the Middle’.

I cannot even remember the earlier titles. ‘Somewhere in the Middle fits’ because firstly, my initials match the title. Somewhere iN the Middle. Secondly, I’m 30 years old now as I write this and consider this the middle of my life. Last of all, I am at this point where I have been reading alot, through books and blogs on investing to blogging to minimalism. So I am somewhere in the middle of all these and beginning to figure out what fits with me. I am learning, not totally a beginner and never an expert to continue on the journey of learning.


There are these moments in one’s life when you question the motions of the things that you do.

Going to work, exercising, being with your family and even fundamental things like eating and sleeping.

Because we take that for granted for so long we forget why we do it. Then one day we feel disillusioned that we are just going on with a routine.

Ask what it is that you love about it since you are already doing that.  Because then you remember or find that feature and you can do it even better.

I love my wife and daughter because with them I can be a clown. I love to be responsible for them.

I found a love for running alone because I could do it at my pace and I don’t force myself to do it everday if I don’t want to. I am not doing for reducing my weight any longer but just to be fit and soak the morning rays of the sun. It also makes me ignore my feelings of disgust about the roads and Marina beach being littered.

And if you can’t find it, give it a chance for however long you can do so until you can’t bear it any longer. Maybe you lost the love for it along the way and you can never go back to it.

That is the change. We filter what we really want as we grow and make the choices.

Temple for scraps

Is it not ironic?

Our country, India won their independence after years of oppression and then realizing that they too have rights to be free and choose their government.

In today’s context, I find it fascinating that a person or group is constructing a monument/ homage to the state head because he has ‘provided’ or implemented a scheme for the poor.

Wake up! That’s what you elected him to do in the first place! Access to basic amenities was and is your right and for so long, the people you elected were inefficient! They hoarded on wealth and power instead of serving the entire constituency until the time came for elections!

But we endure because we think that oppression is a way of life. Instead of fighting and establishing a better life, we accept whatever scraps are given to us so that we can live for the next day.

Hello world!

Be gentle. My second attempt at blogging and I only wish to share my experience with minimalism and thoughts on other topics which will be very limited, to keep true to the spirit of minimalism. I am hoping that people will read and relate to my blog and share with me their experiences as well. Basically, I am broadening the base of minimalists in my own small way.

I started following Leo Babauta’s blogs, Zen Habits http://zenhabits.net/ and http://mnmlist.com/.  The other blogger I follow is Everett Bogue’s blog, http://www.farbeyondthestars.com/.  Of course, I also applied some of their advice to my life and it started improving. I will share how it has so far in the subsequent posts! Like a testimony to their blogs as well.