All of us pursue something in life, be it materials (a house, a car, bike, laptop), people, ideals, goals and so on. Some may view that as a rat race but ultimately if you find reason to pursue it/ them, and the journey and destination gives you happiness, then those opinions don’t matter.

What sets each of us apart is the intensity of our passions. Books, blogs, documentaries, films, photos capture and recollect such extraordinary passion. Each and everyone should have that zeal to pursue what we wish (I am of course assuming they are in the right direction, without any harm to people, society, self or environment).

I love to hear people’s different Pursuits, how they juggle them with other daily activities and what sacrifices they make. It need not be extraordinary so long as there is an intensity that radiates like an aura.

One of the things I truly understand is that is discipline gets imbibed. I’m not talking about strict rules and regulations that mandatorily have to be followed but aspects that become good or efficient habits to support the lifestyle and journey. Practice, practice, practice. Read, learn, digest. It is the intensity which routs out the boredom from routine and makes life special.

Many thanks to those I have learnt from and I salute you all, though I have not mentioned your names. I learn every day and use it in my life to follow my goals.


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