Sun Rise

As each new year comes, I mark the first day by seeing the sun rise. It has been a habit of mine since boarding school. I did miss out on this when I was in London in 2005 but the substitute was the fireworks at midnight. I missed this new year’s sunrise as well.

On the first or second day of the new year, I have a new diary or writing pad in which I list out my new year’s resolutions. One of the resolutions which I miserably fail in is maintaining a daily account in my diary. I attend to this resolution for the first month unflinchingly but after that it just dwindles. The inspiration was my father’s father who kept small diaries for a number of years. He recorded the sundries even if there were no big events taking place in his life. I remember reading his ’79 diary, a week after he passed away when the family was keeping/distributing his personal things. (To my dismay, his tobacco box went to his brother-in-law who reserved it much before.) He received news of my birth by telegram on 23rd September, 2 days later.  He did not jot down his feelings but for me, his mention of my birth was something I cherished.

Another resolution was to reduce my weight and give definition to my body.  To some extent, I could get definition but I could never lose my weight.

The easy way to explain the failure of achieving such resolutions is to say that making resolutions are superficial and a fad.

The real reasons are that I never analysed the causes for my resolutions and how to cultivate them as habits. Creating new good and healthy habits get increasing difficult as one grows older. Last year I was quite successful compared to the previous years thanks to my family’s support and my persistence. I also did not set lofty goals and instead decided to take them step by step. I took my wife’s constructive criticism to remain positive and not jump the gun at the cost of my health and work.

I am immensely satisfied last year on the books that I have read. I enjoyed the books I read – mostly non-fiction books. (A good indication that I’m getting old and boring!) I have become attached to minimalism and running, both based on simplicity.

So this year, simplicity prevails and I shall build on the good things I have got going. I am sure that I will find something new and positive that I want to incorporate in my life! I will end up mentioning on the blog also. After all, each day the sun rises and what do we know what that day, month or year holds for us?


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