She is growing up…

AheadAs your child grows old, it’s becomes increasingly difficult to control them with simple commands. Their young minds question everything we speak and do. As parents, we should not stifle them by just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or saying ‘This is the way it is always done’.

Recently one evening, I told my daughter sternly not to go and eat into her grandfather’s bedroom when her grandmother was feeding her. She did not respond to my instruction. I then explained to her that crumbs would attract ants on the bed and cause discomfort to her grandmother and her aunt when they slept. I reminded her about Kutti Lala’s story. Sure enough, she did not ask her grandmother again about going to the bedroom.

When I think about this incident, I understand that explaining things to your child logically fares much better than citing tradition or just giving a command. The disadvantage is that when your explanation is challenged. For example, when my child grows and soon tells me that she would not drop any food and would like to eat in her bedroom, I have to give her another plausible explanation. But a challenge is still for the better. It checks for flaws in our rationale which we can then correct and become even better as a human being.

A recurring flaw in our rationale that will always be checked is how we think of our child. Parents always underestimate their child’s abilities by thinking they are still yet to grow up.


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