Slow and steady…

I am slowly reducing the number of clothes I own, especially office wear. I’m getting rid of the old ones mainly.

It seems like a good idea to keep an optimum balance of office clothes by having formal shirts in plain, light shades of colours, (no checks or stripes) so that I can easily match any dark blue/ black/ brown trouser, and a tie whenever I need to go out. So any new shirts I buy will be based on this idea.

When I discussed this idea with my wife, she said I was getting old!

Last week, wife surprised me with our balcony. She tidied the area and created a lot of room for having some potted plans. My daughter was excited and wanted to get some soil and seeds immediately.

My wife also cleaned up the study table and we got rid of one old study table. Our second room is already looking larger. This made me feel I was slower than her on reducing our stuff though I do all the reading on minimalism!

I’ve started to read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda. My sister gifted me a hardbound edition for my birthday. My mother gave me the same book in paperback on 29th March 2002. Yesterday I thought if I got the same book from my family members, it must mean I didn’t get their message yet!

I just completed ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running‘ by Haruki Murakami, a short non-fiction book. I’ll post my review on the book shortly.

I’m trying to read more books. Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook the top 100 essential books to be read compiled by BBC and yours truly had read only 10 books. Apart from my low number, I realised that the number of books I read when I was in school was more than the number of books I read outside school.



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