There are these moments in one’s life when you question the motions of the things that you do.

Going to work, exercising, being with your family and even fundamental things like eating and sleeping.

Because we take that for granted for so long we forget why we do it. Then one day we feel disillusioned that we are just going on with a routine.

Ask what it is that you love about it since you are already doing that.  Because then you remember or find that feature and you can do it even better.

I love my wife and daughter because with them I can be a clown. I love to be responsible for them.

I found a love for running alone because I could do it at my pace and I don’t force myself to do it everday if I don’t want to. I am not doing for reducing my weight any longer but just to be fit and soak the morning rays of the sun. It also makes me ignore my feelings of disgust about the roads and Marina beach being littered.

And if you can’t find it, give it a chance for however long you can do so until you can’t bear it any longer. Maybe you lost the love for it along the way and you can never go back to it.

That is the change. We filter what we really want as we grow and make the choices.


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