13 Yrs

leaf forking out

Last weekend during a function held at my parents’ place, I met my cousin who is 17 years old. I saw that we shared many characteristics in our thinking and attitude when I was at his age.

I had a desire to meet him a few days ago to give him a long lecture on what he should do and not do at his age. To help get a head start in his life. In fact, I planned to give him the books which I liked and thought he would appreciate – Lee Iacocca’s autobiography and The Warren Buffet Way. (Also, I could reduce my small library of books.)

I knew at his age he would get a lot of long lectures from other people and to test his reaction, I told him I was about to give him a long lecture. He echoed this to his mom who was nearby that he was about to receive ‘another’ long lecture.

I changed my idea and told him only one thing, ‘I wish I had the focus that I had now when I was your age.’ To know what you want and to start on the journey to achieve that goal or goals early.

And the rest (thanks to technology) I will share with him what I read now and know now – from finance to self-development topics IF he wants.

The joy of sharing knowledge is truly boundless.

I also know that me at 43 yrs would want to say the same thing to me in present day. It’s just for me to be smarter and figure out now.