The Tamarind Cat

The puliodarai cat

A cat napping after feasting puliodarai prasadam in Kabaleeshwar temple, Mylapore

Q: What’s one difference between Indian Cats and other cats?

Indian cats may eat puliodarai (spicy tamarind rice) served on a leaf.

Most blogs I have subscribed to are written by Americans who have realised the adverse impact consumerism is taking over their lives and changed their lifestyle and approach to life itself.

I realise that India, bustling with young Indians is going towards consumerism. The growth statistics of retail and automobile industry is evidence enough. I see many of relatives and friends of my age or younger who are drawn towards this. The shopping malls, mostly newer, are packed with people and one feels that the mall developer never envisaged such numbers. My family and I too were drawn to this and spent alot of money initially.

The reason why I mentioned the nativity of the blog authors and the cat question is that I feel regional/ cultural habits will most certainly arise in differences to the minimalism approach.

However, most bloggers or people who follow minimalism agree that this approach can be adopted to whatever standards the individual feels.

I try to add my individual flavour within the constraints of my environment in India in adopting minimalism.

In a future post, I will highlight such differences!