Unlimited ‘Gyaan’


I lapped up iGoogle and created 6 pages with numerous gadgets on each page from many magazines or webzines, e.g. a Home page, International News Page, India News Page, Fun Page, Science & Technology Page…..guess what?? I didn’t read half of the things sometimes but when I did read all of them most of the time, I was wasting my time on unimportant and often duplicated news items.

In google reader, I had subscribed to many posts, from investments to blogs on minimalism.

I think I would end blowing 2 hours sometimes on reading.


My google Reader Snapshot

2 months ago, I cut down to 3 pages e.g. Home, News, Science on my iGoogle page.

I cut down my subscriptions…most of the management stuff and investment blogs. I divided into A and B for the purpose of management and non-management (mainly minimalism blogs).

So now my reading time was down to 30 minutes or lower in a day depending on the feeds from the blogs and I was able to focus on what matters to me most.

It’s a great feeling. My average memory could not possibly digest all the news I would like to know before. Now, I could memorize important and relevant news to my business and for my personal interest. I plan to downsize further!