Declutter Office

I decided to declutter my office cabin first. My cabin has  many drawers and cabinets which I was misusing for a long time.

I began to enjoy the ‘declutter’ process, the freedom of keeping or giving away things I did not require. I gave away the papers or filed the necessary ones in a system I could track. Then I removed the objects that I do not use on a daily basis but were always crowding my desk. For example, I had a lot of pens and pencils which I never used and could not keep of track of. I put this away for a rainy day now use only two pens, black and blue. I gave away the note pads which I got free from customers that I never used. This helped because I use one note pad for jotting down and referring to. Pretty soon, I will create the habit of using computer notes and thereby also save paper.

The process is going on but already it is reaping results. A clean desk (see the picture!) and a systematic way to work.



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